Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photos of Beaufort, NC - Trawling and dredging out of Duke

Front Street, Beaufort, NC

Shrimp Trawlers, Beaufort

Trawl gear off an old shrimp boat

Duke's Nicholas School for the Environment across the water from Beaufort

 The deck of the R/V Susan B Hudson

Sorting through the product of a box dredge from the Newport River

 Oysters, short-spined and purple urchins, sand dollars, etc.

 Patrycia apparently likes urchins

 A smooth butterfly ray Gymnura micrura in the live well prior to release

 Blackcheek tonguefish Symphurus plagiusa

 Lined seahorse Hippocampus erectus

 Northern searobin Prionotus carolinus
The view of Beaufort at night from the Duke marine lab

Beaufort may be the pinfish Lagodon rhomboides capital of the world!

Night fishing off the docks = pinfish, black sea bass (above), pigfish, spottail pinfish

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